Resin crafts will add uniqueness to your interior

Resin crafts are a great complement when decorating an interior. They are ideal as a complement to your table decoration, or as part of your living room or bedroom decor.

Decorative items such as epoxy resin coasters are heat resistant and properly protected. Things made of epoxy resin impress with how great they look, as well as their versatile use. In addition, epoxy resin decorations will work wonderfully for product photography as a complement to the arrangement.

What to use epoxy resin stuff for?

The resin pad is a great place for everyday items. You can put your everyday jewelry, watch, pins, cosmetics, keys, or your favorite candle on it. It will also be ideal as a tray for kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Another item that will enrich the interior and have a practical use is a snack board. An accessory such as a wood serving board is made of solid wood. Only the cavities are filled with epoxy resin. The wooden tray can then serve as a charcuterie tray or meat and cheese tray without any problems.

What can be done with epoxy resin?

First of all, epoxy resin is a very versatile material. It is a fashionable material used, among other things, in furniture making or interior finishing. It allows you to create various works, and objects. It can be used to make amazing decorative accessories for the living room.

Extremely fashionable are candle tray, accessories such as epoxy resin coaster, resin cutting board, serving board. Any resin ornaments such as resin jewelry, trinket tray, resin coasters.

In addition to resin accents, wooden interior accessories are also sensational. A good example is a wooden tray, wooden candle holders or a wooden cutting board.

Is epoxy resin harmful?

Epoxy resin after curing, being in a solid state, which is the state in which it reaches our customers, is non-toxic. The process of its photopolymerization has been completed, with the result that the resin material has been cured. In practice, this means that any toxic chemicals can no longer escape from it.

The finished, cured product does not threaten our health. However, do not eat directly from the resin material if it has not been approved for direct contact with food.