Wooden wall clock – the perfect complement to any interior.

A properly selected wall clock for the living room is an original addition to the interior design. The wooden wall clock contrasts in an interesting way. As a decoration, the wood clock will be perfect not only in the living room, kitchen, but also in the bedroom, hallway or bathroom.

A wall clock is an ideal choice for rooms where we have no idea how to arrange the wall and no idea how to enliven the interior. A properly selected wall clock will complement the arrangement of both a simple, classic decor. Also rooms decorated in a modern way. In addition, the wall clock is a mandatory part of the office decoration. It should be nice, simple and minimalist.

Large wall clock in a classic and modern interior

In an office space, or in the living room, a large wall clock can be much larger than in the bedroom. In these rooms, the large wall clock will be perfect as the main decoration of the wall. The original combination of materials such as steel and wood wonderfully complements the interior decorated.

The loft wall clock will work well in larger rooms. Then it will not dominate other decor elements. An ideal choice of office model is also a clock made of wood and resin. It can be distinguished by an insert of epoxy resin or moss weed.

The wood and resin clock is most often made of walnut and oak boards. Resin insert, on the other hand, is generally blue in color. The range of soothing shades of blue evokes memories… a view of the landscape. However, the resin clock can be made of any kind of wood, as well as resin of any color.

Modern wall clock – stylish and noiseless

The epoxy resin clock will work especially well in designer settings. Small wall clock is a simple, round model will fit perfectly into the contemporary design of a minimalist loft-style interior. Wooden all clocks are available in the most sought-after sizes and designs. They are ideal for industrially arranged interiors. The loft clock can have a diameter of 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and even 80 cm.  In addition, it is extremely important that in the place where we rest or work nothing distracts us. It is worthwhile for the clock to have a quiet mechanism that does not disturb our peace or concentration.

Small things such as a wooden wall clock can dramatically change our environment. and even affect our mood – this is why we like to surround ourselves with beautiful objects.

We make wooden wall clocks from the highest quality materials and with attention to every detail.