Resin table – a unique combination of resin and wood

Create unique circumstances in your home with us. Choose an epoxy table created from a unique combination of any wood species and resin color.

We make dining room tables of many wood species. Oak, walnut, acacia, elm, beech, ash, exotic woods such as suar or teak. We complete the tables with epoxy resin in any color. Transparent resins, pearlescent and full color. Blue, green, emerald, red, gold, black, white.

Wooden epoxy table can have a round top, square, rectangular and even irregular shape. The most important thing is solid and careful workmanship so that it can serve its lucky buyer for many years.

In addition, there are many ways to customize resin furniture and river tables. Not only by choosing the right resin color, edge shape and finish. The best example is a folding table or a table with extensions, which will be perfect for hosting more guests.

Dining table – the heart of your home

The heart of the dining room is the table, and the comfort of dining and spending time with loved ones depends on its choice. It is important that it matches the interior.

Undeniably, the wooden table is one of the most important elements in the house. It is the place where we eat, but also sit with family or friends and spend time together, not only at meals.

The ideal solution to make the interior more original is a custom-made wood and epoxy table. In addition to customization in terms of parameters such as size, color and materials from which it will be made, wood allows you to take advantage of the possibilities offered by epoxy resin. Epoxy wood table offers incredible opportunities for personalization.

Epoxy dining table – how to make a table from wood and resin?

A woodepoxy table is a unique combination of any kind of wood and resin color. First of all, you should start by creating a design. We create the resin table to size for a specific interior. It is also very important that the color of the resin poses to the interior. It is worth looking for inspiration on sites such as Pinterest. Another important step is to choose the species of wood – its color and grain can also be easily found on the Internet.

Secondly, an important aspect is the surface finish of thewood and resin table. The most popular options are varnish coating or oiling. Resin poured tables can have different finishes: from high gloss to deep matte.

The next step is the pricing of the project. As soon as the project is approved, we get to work. A epoxy river table has a multi-step creation process. We always send videos and photos of the progress to the customer via messages.

Modern wooden table – unique and functional

Modern wood table does not have to be the only unique element in your interior. We can create a variety of compositions or sets such as a large living room table and resin coffee table, resin side table, decorative clock or epoxy resin door.

Epoxy river table is the ideal furniture for interiors whose owners are willing to experiment with arrangements. It will work well in Scandinavian, loft, as well as industrial interiors. It might seem that such a simple in design and traditional furniture such as a table made of resin and wood can not surprise us with anything. But it turns out that the multitude of materials, textures and their combinations can give a really unusual effect.