Rectangular Coffee Table with green epoxy resin and wood

Green Epoxy Table with Spalted Wood

DIMENTIONS 65 cm x 40 cm
HEIGHT  45 cm
WOOD TYPE Spalted Beech wood
RESIN COLOUR Transparent – emerald green
LEGS Spider legs



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Rectangular Coffee Table with green epoxy resin and wood

The rectangular coffee table impresses with this season’s extremely fashionable colors and an interesting combination of materials. It is the tabletop itself that catches the eye. It is made of solid planks of beech wood called ‘spalted’.

Spalting is any type of wood coloring that occurs when fungi colonize the wood and extract nutrients from it, leaving dark dotted and linear patterns.

The natural brown tones are broken up with an intriguing green color in the form of tinted resin. The resin accents are transparent at the same time, which further emphasizes the original character of the furniture.

A rectangular coffee table will be perfect as a decorative addition to the interior. However, its functionality should not be overlooked. The strong steel legs with a shape called ‘spider’ also contribute to the durability of the product.

All furniture is made from scratch by hand in Poland.
The price is for a specific table with specific dimensions.

If you are interested in this product or would like to change a selected element or create your unique composition – write to us!

Details of Green Epoxy Table:

  • GREAT HOME DECOR – Simple and modern with an eye-catching design. This decorative coffee table is a work of art.
  • STYLISH & FUNCTIONAL – When choosing home furnishings, aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand. This table is ideal for the dining room, living room, bedroom, foyer, corridor, bar, restaurant, and café.
  • HANDMADE – Each table is strikingly designed and handcrafted from epoxy resin and wood. This is what gives it an extremely striking, elegant, and modern look.
  • BEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – Each product is made with the utmost care. In addition, the table is individually tested and packaged. Your satisfaction is our priority.

This unusual table will be the most aesthetic home decor that you will ever own. Tables with epoxy are will be your new favorite piece and a great addition to their wood decor!

If you’re looking for a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift, these lovely & aesthetic Wood and Epoxy tables are perfect. You can be sure that everyone who sees these amazing pieces will be amazed.

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that will complement your interior and make your space more attractive?

Each of the products we create is exceptional. The furniture is one of a kind, as each slice or wooden board has its unique look, shape, and drawing. This ensures that you are assured of a table that you will not find in an ordinary shop.

When creating a custom table or tables, we have full freedom of material combinations. From the most exotic variants distinguished by bright colors and extravagant designs to the most classic designs in neutral shades.

Furniture with an original design will work well in a loft, modern or industrial interiors, whose owners are keen to experiment with arrangements. It may seem that such a simple and traditional piece of furniture as a table will not surprise us. However, it turns out that the multitude of materials, textures, and combinations can give a truly unusual effect.

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