Oak wall clock with clear epoxy resin diameter 60 cm

RESIN COLOR Transparent
MECHANISM Quartz, noiseless

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Oak wall clock with clear epoxy resin diameter 60 cm

The large wall clock in modern style combines wood and metal finish. It was made of an oak wood plank with a unique grain. In addition, the cavities naturally formed in the wood were filled with epoxy resin in transparent color. The wood was mounted in a handmade metal rim, painted black.

The wooden wall clock is ideal for any room that requires absolute silence such as a bedroom or living room, as the quartz mechanism is completely inaudible.

Moreover, to the practical and decorative function. All solid wood wall clocks have one more feature in common – they add dynamism to the interior. It is thanks to the moving hands in the interior that you feel that something is happening, and the surrounding space is not monotonous.

Oak wall clock – stylish and noiseless

Wall clocks are not only perfectly refined design, but also made with attention to every detail. All stages of work, such as cutting, welding, sanding, oiling, polishing and the assembly itself are done by hand.

The unique structure of each board and individual configuration make each piece of wood wall clock fully unique.

In addition, the solid wood wall clock will be ideal for rooms that require absolute silence, such as a bedroom or living room. The quartz mechanism is completely inaudible.

All solid wood wall clocks are made from scratch by hand in Poland.

The clock made to order may differ from the one in the pictures.

All wall clocks are hand-made in Poland.  

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 10 cm