Solid wood coffee table with Epoxy Resin and Sea Effect

DIMENSIONS 58 cm x 69 cm
HEIGHT 45 cm
RESIN COLOR Transparent blue, Wave Effect
LEGS Hairpin, matte black lacquered steel

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Solid wood coffee table with blue epoxy resin

This solid wood coffee table is an excellent product for anyone who appreciates practical solutions. The main role in this original piece of furniture is played by a slice of suar wood with an irregular shape.

The center of the tabletop was completed with blue epoxy resin. In addition, white clouds painted on it, create the effect of clouds in the sky or sea waves crashing on the shore. At the very top is a polished, glossy clear resin that allows you to admire the 3D.

The three-dimensional filling of the table creates a soothing realistic image that leaves room for your own interpretation. Undoubtedly, one can stop at it and relax after a hard day. In addition, it brings back the most pleasant vacation memories, such as the view of the sea or the ocean.

If you are interested in this product, want to change the selected element or create your own composition – write to us!

Wondering what exactly the table you will order will look like?

Thanks to the use of natural material – solid wood, each piece is unique. The table made of  solid wood, made to order, may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.

For custom projects, we always send you several proposals for the arrangement of boards to choose from. This way, you can be sure that the table you ordered will meet your expectations.

suar wood coffee table

Solid wood coffee table – functional and unique

The ability to admire the natural wood grain will certainly appeal to lovers of Scandinavian aesthetics. Thanks to the use of natural material. Solid wood, each piece is unique and the table made to order may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.

The wood slice table will fit perfectly in a modern interior. Thanks to the wooden elements, it also fits perfectly into classic arrangements.

Are you looking for a table that will complement your interior and give it character?

Each epoxy resin wood table is unique and unrepeatable. As each piece of wood has its own unique look, shape and drawing. This ensures that your wood table will be exclusive and unique.

In addition, when creating custom wood and epoxy tables, we give our customers full freedom of choice of materials.

Epoxy resin tables are furniture with an original design that fits perfectly in various interiors. From Scandinavian to loft, modern or industrial. We experiment with different materials and textures to create striking, beautiful wood tables.

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