Wooden Wall Clock with Moss and Epoxy Resin

Walnut Wood wall clock with Epoxy Resin & Moss

DECORATION Moss & Green Epoxy Resin
MECHANISM Quartz, noiseless


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Wooden Wall Clock with Moss and Epoxy Resin 40 cm

Create an amazing rustic atmosphere in your home with that Walnut Wood, Epoxy Resin & Moss Wall Clock. This unique wall clock will be the perfect match to your unique decor.

This cool clock will be the most aesthetic home decor that you will ever own. Epoxy & Wooden Clock will be your new favorite piece and a great addition to their wood decor!

If you’re looking for a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift, these lovely & aesthetic rustic wood clocks are perfect. You can be sure that everyone who sees these amazing pieces will be amazed.

If you are interested in this product or want to change the selected element or create your unique composition – write to us!

Details of Wooden Wall Clock with Moss:

  •  GREAT HOME DECOR – Simple and modern and eye-catching design. This decorative wall clock is a piece of art. 
  •  STYLISH & FUNCTIONAL — Beautiful statement piece for style and practical as a wall clock — Great solution for empty wall space as standalone or gallery wall accent — Fits most décor whether modern, country farmhouse, Vintage retro, coastal beach, etc — Suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, bedroom, foyer, hallway, bar, restaurant, coffee house, shop clock, bathroom clock, office wall clock, and more 
  •  HAND-MADE — Each clock is strikingly designed and handcrafted from epoxy resin and wood. This is what gives it an extremely effective, elegant, and modern look. 
  •  SOFT TICKING SOUND — Runs calm and smoothly. High-quality quartz clock movement. No more loud annoying ticking sounds, simply enjoy peace as time goes by 
  •  BEST QUALITY GUARANTEED — each product is individually tested and packed, We Love our Customers, and Your Satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY 

All wall clocks are hand-made in Poland.  

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