Decorative moss – What is it? How to take care of it?

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If you are looking for an original way to decorate your interior. A wall or decorations made of moss can be an interesting solution for you. In this post, I will tell you what advantages moss has and what it can be used for.

Decorative moss – what exactly is it?

Commonly called moss, it is actually a lichen. It has a mold with algae, and its lichens produce lichen acids that protect against excessive water loss.

Among the most popular are three types:

  • Reindeer moss
  • Preserved bun moss

Reindeer moss, which can be purchased in online stores, is green due to dyeing. There are many color versions available, but the most popular are shades of green. Often stores dye the moss to other colors, for example, shades of brown, red, at the customer’s request.

Only natural, water-based dyes are used to color moss in shades of green. Therefore, the moss can sometimes have uneven pigmentation. But it is worth remembering that natural moss also does not have only one color – it has shades of white, yellow, gray.

In Poland, hornwort moss is partially protected, so it can not be plucked in forests. In addition, it must not be deliberately destroyed and replanted. Moss  is imported to Poland from other countries, including Norway, Sweden and Finland.

decorative moss
SANTIAGO dining table made of suar wood, decorated with moss – by White Raven

Is the decorative moss alive?

No, in the simplest terms: the body remains, but the soul is not in it. The decorative moss is permanently impregnated. So we do not have to worry about it withering or yellowing. It should not be watered, and should not  be exposed to direct sunlight.

The hornwort only needs a humidity of 40-60%, as it draws water from the air. The good news is that this is more or less the percentage of humidity in our apartments, so there is no need to increase the humidity additionally. However, if you notice that the moss is withering, set up a humidifier nearby and it will return to its original form.

Among other things, moss is impregnated with a glycerin, so it will not sensitize allergy sufferers. What’s more, it can be said that it is an ideal moss for allergy sufferers. Moss filters the air from, among other things, toxins or dust, unpleasant odors. The aforementioned glycerin also takes care that the moss does not lose its pleasant softness.

decorative moss
Wall clock with decorative moss by White Raven

Moss decorations – what can you use moss for?

Looking through the inspiration available on the web, it is not difficult to see that moss can be used in many ways:

  • Wall panels made to size from any type of moss
  • Moss wall art Frame from standard rectangular ones to those individually designed with unusual shapes, and even logos and inscriptions.
  • Moss wall clocks. An alternative to large panels or paintings. If you want a touch of custom greenery in your interior like moss, this is the perfect solution for you.

We make wall clocks with decorative moss on individual order. The diameter can be from 40 cm to even 90 cm. See the clocks we have made so far – wall clocks by White Raven

moss wall
Moss wall panel – by White Raven

Decorative moss in the home – what are the benefits of moss in the interior?

Green walls or accessories with moss can bring many benefits. These certainly include decorative qualities. By investing in such a decoration, you invite nature into your interior, greening and enlivening it, and at the same time making the wall look unique.

There are many more advantages:

  • after all, moss on the wall can have a significant impact on our well-being and health
  • as a 100% natural and anti-static material, moss is completely safe for people (including children) and animals
  • no excess dust settles on the moss, it is resistant to attacks by mold, fungi and insects, and the material used for impregnation is anti-allergenic glycerin
  • The moss on the wall will absorb unwanted noise
  • It will also work well to help provide more privacy (such as a conference room, bedroom or bathroom)
  • Since it is impregnated, it practically does not require care, which I will tell you more about later in the post
  • decorative moss is a natural, handmade and biodegradable decoration. Instead of plastic decorations that will later litter the environment, you can bet on an eco-friendly solution that will repay you with a beautiful appearance and many years of durability.
Preserved bun moss wall
Preserved bun moss wall by White Raven


A moss wall – is it a good solution for a bathroom?

By all means. The moss wall doesn’t need sunlight, so it can be safely used also in rooms without access to windows. In the bathroom, the lichen can play not only a decorative role – since moss is highly hygroscopic, it will absorb excess moisture from the air, preventing the development of fungi and mold.

Preserved bun moss wall
Preserved bun moss wall by White Raven


Cushion moss – how to care for it?

To keep your moss on the wall in good shape, all you need to do is provide it:

  • humidity between 40 and 80% (that is, standard room humidity)
  • Do not expose the decoration to direct sunlight, and do not keep the moss near heaters or air conditioners
  • Cannot be watered, sprayed, trimmed, vacuumed or fertilized.

Impregnated decorative moss is virtually self-sufficient. All you need to do is not interfere with its appearance, and it will please the eye and decorate the interior for many years.

If we can help you in any way, or if you have questions – write to us 🙂

Enjoy decorating! ~ Ania

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