Why us?

Who we are?

We were connected by a passion for beautiful objects. What inspired us was the timelessness, nature, durability and high quality of wooden furniture and accessories. Based on these values, we implement unique projects so that you can enjoy the unique atmosphere in your surroundings.

We create special moments

White Raven is a studio creating designer wooden tables with epoxy resin. You will find ready-made products that you can buy in our store, as well as inspirations that will help you create your unique design. Our studio is a place where both classic and modern projects are created, all created by hand, in the spirit of ecology.

Why wood?

Wood is a material that has been used to build furniture for years, and its popularity is due to the ease of processing and high durability. It has a number of valuable properties: it insulates thermally and electrically, is resistant to many chemical factors and, what is extremely important – it is a fully ecological material. Wood is a natural material, the greatest advantage of which is uniqueness, therefore it is difficult to obtain two identical pieces, and finding two the same wooden furniture is practically impossible.

Why resin tables?

The table is the hero of the house, it is a symbol of home warmth, harmony and security. Important conversations take place with him and moments pass that we would often like to keep.

It is also an element of decor that expresses the owner’s taste, and no material other than wood gives so many opportunities to express a unique style.

How does this work?

1. Find inspiration for your furniture

2. Send the contact form

3. Wait for a free quote

4. Accept the project

5. We start the production process

6. Enjoy your new furniture