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If you have not found what you were looking for in our store, we offer you the opportunity to buy a unique piece of furniture that we will create especially for you.

Design by yourself

You can personalize it, which means that we will adapt the design to your needs, taste, functional preferences, and the individual space in which it is to be found.
Thanks to this, it will become one of a kind, and the interior in which it will appear will acquire a unique character.

A wide range of

You can choose the type and shade of wood, as well as the color of epoxy resin that will be used in the project – we offer a whole range of colors and transparent resin.

Own personalization

We also offer the option of “sinking” selected items into the structure of the table. After consulting our designer, you will decide whether they will be commemorative shells, stones, green elements, fabrics, or maybe a collection of caps, or a snowboard. Let your imagination run wild and give us a chance to fulfill the dream of your unique piece of furniture.
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